Summer Performances


Saturday 14th March – Onchan, Bemahague School
Saturday 28th March – Sulby, Lezayre Hall

Saturday 23rd May – Laxey by new Miner’s Statue

Saturday 4th July – Port Erin Station

Sunday 5th July – Tynwald Garden Party, Nunnery

Monday 6th July – Tynwald Day, St.John’s

Thursday 16th July – Villa Arcade, IOM Arts Council Summer Season Concert jointly with
.                                                        Rachel Hair and Claasagh (Harp Group)


Saturday 12th April

Shennaghys Jiu – Ramsey – outside the Court House

Friday to Monday 2nd till 5th May 2014

Visit to friends – Wayfarers Folk Dance Club in Birmingham

Saturday 3rd May – Dancing in Stratford upon Avon

Sunday 4th May – dancing at Baddesley Clinton (NT)

28th June (Saturday) – Laxey Fair – from 15:00 ish

5th July (Saturday) – Douglas – Regent Street -from  14:30 (30 minutes)

7th July (Monday) – Tynwald Day – St.John’s – 09:45 and Grand Manx Dance – from about 13:30

19th July (Saturday) – St. Mark’s Fair – from 13:45

31st July (Thursday) – Arts Council @ Villa Marina Arcade, Douglas – from 20:00

3rd August (Sunday) – Lifeboat Day – Port St. Mary – from 15:00

24th August (Sunday) – Deep South Festival – from 14:30 – CANCELLED


Friday 3rd – Tuesday 7th May                

MFDS to visit Tipyn O Bopeth, Carmarthen

Saturday 18th May          

Dance at Marown Church Hall 3pm

Wednesday 19th – Sunday 23rd June        

MFDS to Malmö for Mid-summer

Friday 5th July

9.45am  Dance on Front Green for Tynwald Day, St Johns

Friday 5th July

Tynwald Day, take part in the Grand Manx Dance

Sunday 7th July        

Dance at the Tynwald Garden Party, Nunnery 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Saturday 13th July

Dance for Residents at Castle View Home, Peel  2.30pm

Thursday 18th July 

Dance at Villa Arcade, 8pm

Sunday 21st July

Take part in Yn Chruinnaght, House of Manannan, Peel from 2pm

Sunday 28th July     

Dance at Port St Mary Lifeboat Day

Thursday 9th –  Tuesday 13th  Aug

Visit from Visby Folkdansgille from Gotland in Sweden

Saturday 10th August

Dance with Visby Folkdansgille during Peel Traditional Boat Weekend, by the Lifeboat House   11am- noon




Saturday 30th

at Laxey Station for MNH and also Laxey Fair



Thursday 5th

Tynwald Day, St Johns 09.45 and also the Grand Manx Dance 1pm


Saturday 14th

for Yn Chruinnaght at Ramsey Masonic Hall


Saturday 21st

for St Marks Fair



Thursday 2nd

evening at the Villa Arcade, Douglas


Saturday 4th

2pm at the Lifeboat House for the  Ladies Guild during Peel Traditional Boat Weekend

Dancing by the Lifeboat in Peel




Sunday 5th

as part of Port St Mary Lifeboat Day

Dancing at Port St Mary Lifeboat Day











Saturday 22nd

With Ny Fennee as part of the Food & Drink Festival at the Nunnery




Friday 24th

Laxey Fair & Stall, Dancing – evening (if wet, will take place on Sat afternoon)


Sunday 3rd

The Grove Museum, Ramsey, 2 – 3pm

Tuesday 5th

Tynwald Day, St Johns

The Front Green, 9.45am

The Grand Manx Dance?  The Front Green,  12.45pm?

Saturday 16th

St Marks Fair, 1.45pm

Saturday 23rd

Yn Chruinnaght, Douglas, 12 noon – 3pm

Saturday 30th

Peel Traditional Boat Weekend, by Lifeboat House, 2pm-ish



Saturday 6th

“Thomas the Tank Weekend”, Douglas Station, 2pm-ish

Sunday 7th

Peel Carnival, afternoon  ?




Saturday 29th

Tynwald Mills 2.30pm



Friday 25th

Laxey Fair – evening 8.15pm approx

Sun 27th

Grove Museum Fun Day



Saturday 3rd

Tynwald Mills 2.30pm

Monday 5th

Tynwald Day

Front Green 9.45am

Front Green Big Manx Dance 12.45pm-1.15pm

Tynwald Mills 3pm

Sunday 11th

Mooragh Park, Ramsey- Yn Chruinnaght 2.30pm

Saturday 17th

St Marks Fair 1.30pm

Saturday 24th

North Quay, Douglas

Thursday 29th

Villa Arcade, Douglas 7.30pm


Sunday 1st

Port St Mary Life Boat Day



Saturday 25th

Food & Drink Festival, Villa Marina, Douglas