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This DVD production presents in 2 discs grand total of 58 folk dances performed by 13 folk dance groups during the Folk Dance Concert at the Royal Hall, Villa Marina in Douglas and during outdoor displays in Castle Rushen, Castletown and at the Mooragh Park, Ramsey, all in the Isle of Man. Out of 58 dances 25 are Manx Dances. 46 dances are presented in full versions, 11 dances were used in a medley performance by Manx Folk Dance Society and only part of the dance “Peter O’Tavy” was used for final credits.

At present the DVD is available for sale in the Manx National Heritage shops

and also in the Lexicon Bookshop, 63 Strand Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2RL.
The Lexicon Bookshop accepts orders also on-line. Look in the “Isle of Man / Manx DVDs” – General section.

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The DVD is also available directly from the Manx Folk Dance Society – e-mail contact:     mfds@manx.net

List of the DVD dances:

Dance name Performing Dance Group
Ben Rein y Voaldyn Bock Yuan Fannee
Clare’s Jig Ny Fennee
Dance for Three (Daunse son Troor) Ny Fennee
Dooraght Ny Fennee
DVD Intro Manx Folk Dance Society
Eunyssagh Vona (Mona’s Delight) Manx Folk Dance Society
Fochabers Ny Fennee
Gorse Sticks (Brasnagyn Aittin) Manx Folk Dance Society
Gyn Ennym Manx Folk Dance Society
Harriers in the Heather Manx Folk Dance Society
Heritage Dance Manx Folk Dance Society
Jigsaw Ny Fennee
Kerrin Rinkee Manx Folk Dance Society
Kerrinyn Bock Yuan Fannee
Manx Jig Manx Folk Dance Society
Men’s Jig Ny Fennee
Mheillea, Yn (The Harvest) Manx Folk Dance Society
Moghrey Mie as Maynrys Perree Bane
Moirrey ny Cainle (Mary of the Candle) Perree Bane
Peter O’Tavy Perree Bane
Reih as Teiy Manx Folk Dance Society
Sharon’s Jig aka Greg’s Dance Perree Bane
Smuggler’s Dance Manx Folk Dance Society
Three Sticks and a Thumb
(Tree Maidjaghyn as Ordaag)
Ny Fennee
Train Dance Manx Folk Dance Society
Tree Cassyn Vannin (Three Legs of Man) Manx Folk Dance Society
Abergenni Dawnswyr Tipyn O Bopeth
Beaux of London City aka Shooting Mersey Morris Men
Bonny Green Garters Uttoxeter Morris
Constant Billy, Headington Mersey Morris Men
Don’s Dance aka Poama Old Mother Redcap’s
Dunsmuir Waltz Wayfarers
Elephant’s Stampede Wayfarers
Fünfter Junge (Fifth Boy) Volkstanzgruppe Besse
Gotlandskadrilj Sunnerbogillet Ljungby
Green Willow Old Mother Redcap’s
Hambo Sunnerbogillet Ljungby
Hoffedd Ap Hywel (Powell’s Fancy) Dawnswyr Tipyn O Bopeth
Kehraus Hembygdsgillet Malmö
Lüneburger Windmüller Volkstanzgruppe Besse
May Apple Old Mother Redcap’s
Nedför vägen Sunnerbogillet Ljungby
Newcastle Mockbeggar Morris
Oxdansen / Rüpeltanz (Lout’s dance) Volkstanzgruppe Besse +Hembygdsgillet Malmö
Plymouth Mockbeggar Morris
Pont Cleddau Dawnswyr Tipyn O Bopeth
Pram Pushing Uttoxeter Morris
Rose of Rochester Wayfarers
Rose Tree Mersey Morris Men
Rundan Hembygdsgillet Malmö
Rundan Sunnerbogillet Ljungby
Schwäbische Tanzfolge Volkstanzgruppe Besse
Slängpolska från Skåne Hembygdsgillet Malmö
St. Helen’s Mockbeggar Morris
Tremadheves Wayfarers
Uttoxeter Races Uttoxeter Morris
Vandals of Hammerwich Uttoxeter Morris
Väva Vadmal från Rönneberga Hembygdsgillet Malmö