Laxey Victorian Extravaganza

30th June 2012 - Dancing at the unique Victorian Manx Electric Railway Station in , next to the Travelling Museum of Curiosities and Wonderment, Red coat soldiers on parade, Victorian photographer, Punch & Judy, Silver band ...

Tynwald Day

5th July 2012 - Thousands of people gathered in St John\'s to celebrate Tynwald Day which is the Isle of Man\'s national day. MFDS dance traditionally before the ceremony on the Tynwald Green from 09:45 hours. This year MFDS representatives were among the invited Tynwald guests as a result of MFDS receiving the Manx Cultural Award – Reih Bleeaney Vanannan. After the ceremony Manx folk dance groups Bock Yuan Fannee, Perree Bane and MFDS joined forces in Manx Grand Dance.

Yn Chruinnaght - Ceili

14th July 2012 in Ramsey Masonic Hall Ceili with Irish dancers Rinceoiri an Chlair and MFDS.

St Marks Fair

21st July 2012 - MFDS members traditionally joined the Fair procession and danced in the field.

Villa Marina Arcade

2nd August 2012 - MFDS shared evening with Manx music group Shoh Slaynt as part of the Manx Music Summer Season, which is organized by the Isle of Man Arts Council every year.

Peel Lifeboat Day

4th August 2012 - Dancing in Peel for charity RNLI in front of the Lifeboat Station.

PSM Lifeboat Day

5th August 2012 - Lifeboat Day in Port St Mary

Food and Drink Festival

22th September 2012 at Knockaloe Farm in Patrick. Joint performance of MFDS with Ny Fennee. This year Food and Drink Festival Celebrity Chef was Ainsley Harriott.

Mona Douglas Tribute

22nd September 2012 - Evening dedicated to Mona Douglas in Peel Centenary Centre. Rachel and John contributed to the evening by performing some Manx folk dances including one new composed by Rachel, which had its premiere there.


Pictures from different events.