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Congratulations to 7 of our Junior Memebers who took part in Chruinnaght Aeg  Concert/Competition on Wed 19th May 2010.

They performed a balance programme which had a selection of traditional and newly created dances. Our only male dancer that night performed a polished performance of Gorse Sticks (Well Done Tim!), and the girls performances of Harriers in the Heather, the Ladies Jig and Gyn Ennym were also very well performed (Well done Girls).

Four of the girls competed in the group dance category in which they danced Kerrin Rinkee. They were foot perfect and extremely enjoyable to watch, couldn’t have asked for anymore. They won this category with 89 marks.

We got the highest overall mark of the evening and walked away with the Chruinnaght Aeg Glass Trophy.

Thanks go to Rachel for all her hard work that went into putting the programme together and putting the time in to practice with them.

Well done, very proud of you all!!


  1. Beth And Emma- the winners :):) on 06.04.2010

    Hellooooo this is emma and beth we are the brilliant dancers and are very proud of all of us go ERIN!!!!!! we love you erin 🙂 go the winning dance and woo dance for three great learning emma me and erin taught you well 😀 the jig was the best though obvously! hehe
    WE WON GO TEAM MANX FOLK DANCE SOCIETY !! me and beth were obviously great and ein was okay i supose LOL x

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